All Aboard

At Tunnel23, our business is that of linking ideas and marketing efforts together to present a polished, professional package to your clients, your friends, and your family.  You are the engine of your business, and Tunnel23 Concepts connects the train cars that generate new customers and expansion possibilities.

Amanda Hensley Jessen is the lifeblood of Tunnel23, which like many companies, can build you a website, start to finish.  But Amanda can also create a logo, design business cards, spearhead a guerrilla marketing plan, establish a Facebook presence, or simply give visual life to an idea, be it personal or professional.  Amanda’s capabilities have formed over years of experience working on all sides of the tracks — with design services performed for non-profit and public sector organizations, small business, big business, bridezillas, real estate agents, and equestrians, to name a few.  With a bar car of professional contacts and associates available in all corners of the country, there is no project Tunnel23 cannot tackle with freight train enthusiasm.

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